Our Story

Sincerely Paws Co. was formally known as Simply Paws Pet Care. For 10 years, we were a dog walking/pet sitting small business based in Providence, RI.
After losing Mochi + Chiqui, I forgot the purpose of what was then Simply Paws Pet Care. I am a very artistic person and I needed a creative outlet. I started making pet themed accessories for pet owners using my Cricut machine and sold them at markets. I always dreamt of owing a pet boutique shop. That’s when Simply Paws Pet Care rebranded to Sincerely Paws Co.
Then I lost my Revy at 14 years old to cancer. I had to learn to let him go over the course of 6 months, when he was diagnosed. I lost 3 dogs in 4 years and I became very discouraged. 
Then my Indy came along, and at the perfect time. He has helped me heal my broken heart. He reminded me of why I rebranded to SPCO. in the first place. Although, my OG trio will always be the reason behind my passion for pets; Indy is my inspiration of what Sincerely Paws Co. is today!